Jason H. Clark, Esquire

Welcome to the law office of Jason H. Clark, Esquire. I provide information to, and represent employers in labor-related administrative law matters.

Practice Limited to Labor Defense

I have been handling labor defense cases since 1994 in Florida and 2007 in California. Since then I have since represented parties in over 7,000 employment cases. Whatever the issue in your case may be, I have likely resolved the same problem many times over.

Legal Advice and Representation for Employers

I am available for legal advice and representation at the initial investigative, labor conference and labor hearing levels. It is advantageous to retain counsel prior to disclosure of information to Dept. of Industrial Relations officials, participating in a labor conference, or participating in a labor hearing.

Some of the ways I assist companies in reducing labor costs other than representation include instruction in:

  1. Labor code requirements for Employers.
  2. Reduction of turnover through proper communication.
  3. Required disclosures and employee discipline.
  4. Attention to detail upon an employee’s separation.
  5. Preparation for dealings with state labor officials.
  6. Representing your company at a conference or hearing before the Labor Commissioner.

* Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

State of California

See the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Hearing Procedure

Hearing Procedure
Hearing Procedure


You may contact me with any questions at Office@LaborCalifornia.com or call 213-785-6605, Fax 213-986-3486.

Jason H. Clark, Esquire Licensed in Florida Only

Contact Questionnaire

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and send to Office@LaborCalifornia.com

  1. Have you received notice that an employee has filed a claim? What is the case or docket number?
  2. Have you received a request for documents from the claimant or their counsel?
  3. Has the claimant been separated from employment yet?
  4. Was there a written contract of employment, or just an oral agreement to hire?
  5. Did you treat the claimant as an independent contractor?
  6. What was the last written communication you received from the Labor Commissioner’s office?

Jason H. Clark, Esquire is licensed in FL only and exclusively handles administrative law cases in CA under Art. VI, Section I of the state constitution.